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Detailed analysis

Down to the Last Detail

We provide you with the right tool to analyze the parts market. The solution to many problems can be found in the details. They play an increasingly important role in the overall context of the situation. For instance, you can support your parts storage logistics with complex, detailed information. Make decisions for efficiency. Lower costs. Increase profitability.



The Choice Is Yours

Every company is different. And every company has its own relevant metrics. MIScubes help you to flexibly combine different data together. We integrate your data according to your specific needs. The standardized quality of your data that is achieved using MIS provides you with new insight.



For Practical Applications

From theoretical information from detailed after-sales analysis, you can generate real-world added value. Identify just how effective your campaigns are. You can run your analyses down to a high level of detail, even all the way down to the part-number level. The deeper you go, the greater the benefit in the associated parent levels. This allows you to reduce costs and prevent these costs from being generated in the first place in the future. And there is more: What can you do when something does go wrong? You can start a fast, targeted recall. Your customers will be impressed by the quick action you take. Talk to us today.

Alexander Hoppach
Team Manager

Market Analysis

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