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Get a better overview, gain and maintain customers. Our MIS market information system for the automotive sector shows you where potential is hidden in the vehicle market. Stimulate sales in the sales and service sector. Speed and data quality are key factors. Increasingly tight markets are led by those who act fast. MIS is your tool to help you get and stay ahead of the pack. Comprehensive market analysis and targeted reporting. Worldwide or in a single market. The markets and localities that matter to you. From a country view down to a postal code or even lower Levels.



Understand and Win

MIS provides a simple yet powerful user experience. Using your browser, you can watch the market, be the first to understand trends and act instead of reacting. And you can analyze which dealers and which region are successful for your brand. MIS can be used throughout your company. In your head office, in the field and by your dealers. MIS is the right tool for sales and after-sales.


With 30 years' experience handling our customers' data you can trust in our secure Solutions.



Market Information System for the Automotive Sector

  • Best data quality for new registrations used vehicles, parc, after-sales indicators or socio-demographic data
  • Visualization of global markets including regional details
  • Web-based application
  • High-value display of maps, tables, diagrams and dashboards
  • Intuitive operation and navigation and quick links for detailed analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Numerous print and export functions


Illustrate and Demonstrate

Turn data into valuable images. MIS visualizes large quantities of data. Data is processed in the background and transformed into a compelling argument. With great mapping functionality, you can identify sales flows, key figures and potential. MIS helps your numbers tell a story. Usability is always in focus. You can access standardized and individual reports with a single click. Let us help you find the fastest way to achieve the best results.

Alexander Hoppach
Team Manager

Market Analysis

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