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Solutions for Headquarters

Strategies in the market  

Set your strategy with MIS. We can show you your brand's position relative to your competitors the opportunities available in specific vehicle segments and the overall movement of the market. Information that you can use to proactively move the market in your direction. The market analysis for your area of responsibility is dynamic and always up-to-date. MIS helps you ask the right questions as well as being ready with the answers. We have built in the experiences of hundreds of implementations in dozens of manufacturers and country markets into every aspect of MIS.



Plan and Respond

How effective are your sales efforts and structures? How do your dealers compare against competing brands and within your brand? MIS provides a depth and breadth of planning for actionable responses.


You find out how regions and products are developing. You see which models or products are leading or lagging. Of course you can identify the areas where you are the market leader!


Your favorite dashboards, maps, tables and graphs in MIS become your go-to, regular reporting resources. Reports are customizable and made accessible for specific roles and responsibilities within your company. You can be sure that each individual business area receives approved, relevant information and the attention it deserves! We will help you get started with some standard reports that have proven themselves and show you how to create your own content. As you learn more you can create ever more intricate custom reports and analyses. Your urgent questions of today become your trusted reports of tomorrow!

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