Information as a competitive advantage

Our analyses show you how the vehicle market is developing today – you decide what it could look like tomorrow.

Market analysis

Your vehicle market – more tangible than ever before

Increasingly tight markets can only be led by the fastest. The earlier you identify the potential in your vehicle market, the quicker you will be able to act.

You probably already have a large amount of data for this purpose. The tricky part: The raw data needs to be prepared and presented in a clear way first. Only then can you tell whether the KPIs that stand out are a coincidence or a repeating pattern.

This is where our work starts. We acquire and de-distort the data and then make it available in our systems. However, at the core of our service is the people that provide it. Their passion and specialist knowledge about regional vehicle markets is what makes our analyses unique.


Discover your sales potential

Insight into the local dynamic of a complex vehicle market – this is our speciality. Find completely new correlations thanks to detailed market analysis and meet the current challenges in your market.

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Retain your customers over the long term

For a successful after-sales business, it's the details that count. Look at your data from different perspectives and draw the right conclusions to effectively tap into your service market potential.

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Your market analysis with us

To answer your questions precisely

We have closely exchanged knowledge with over 550 global vehicle manufacturers’ headquarters for 40 years – an exchange that both we and our customers still benefit from today. It is our employees’ special knowledge that makes our work unique. Whatever your question, you can rely on our team to find a tailored solution.

Because local factors are important
We always have an eye on the local situation for all consulting and analyses. That is why we can display regional details such as drive times, competitors or local infrastructure just as well as national information. In this way, you can get a meaningful overall picture.
So that you have time for the essentials

We want to make your everyday operations easier. That is why we take on all tasks from data processing to system maintenance and technical support. This gives you more time to concentrate on the actual analysis.

For figures that you can trust
Processing complex amounts of data is our core competence. With us, you can be sure that all data is checked, de-distorted and categorised. This gives you a realistic picture of your market so you can rely on the results of your analyses.


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