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Looking for unique market information? Our web-based applications bring powerful data analyses right into your everyday operations.

Web-based applications

Your market – perfectly visualised

If vehicles are your business, then we have just the right information for you: Our team processes vehicle and market data worldwide and visualises it clearly in high-performance applications. Each system is a tailor-made solution that we are constantly developing and refining with new application scenarios in mind.

Qualified data, web-based interfaces and rapid response times – you will have sales, service and network development under control in no time!

From a micro market and to worldwide data

Processing extensive, complex amounts of data is our core competence. For the information to suit your market-specific requirements, we combine different data at each geographical level. Analyse data such as registrations, parc or sales as well as all vehicle details down to the smallest possible area structure.

Your benefits

Reach your goals faster with specialised systems

Web-based applications

For easy access
All our systems are web-based. This means you have all the necessary information accessible at any time – always up-to-date, regardless of location and without time consuming installations.
In-house development
For the perfect fit
To ensure perfect cooperation between data and system, we develop our own applications. We also take care of the data management. As a result, everything is tailored exactly to the needs of the vehicle industry.
Data management
For information you can trust
Reliable data is a must for us. That is why we validate and de-distort all data and provide it to you in great depth of detail. By assigning data, we also ensure comparable figures across different markets and areas.


So that your data is secure
Data is a valuable asset. To protect your data, we manage it on our own servers in Germany – fully covered by our company-wide ISO 27001 certification. In addition, our rights concepts also ensure that each department sees exactly what it needs.

Multilingual support

To answer your questions precisely
It is easiest to communicate in your own language, especially if you have a question that is technical. Our support team is made up of many nationalities and is available to give advice and assistance in several languages.

Transparent costs

To ensure plausibility and fairness
In short: we do not hide any costs. Our complete package of system and data is always tailored to your needs and the pricing of included services is transparent right from the start.

Our systems at a glance

Turn your data into insights

Market analysis

Analyse the market in detail with MIS

Full data depth in multiple views

  • Quick start with tailored reports
  • Interactive geographic maps
  • Extensive analysis options
Discover MIS
Network development

Develop and maintain your network with OptiNet

So your network can master every change

  • Simulation of local what-if scenarios
  • Detailed map display
  • Overview and comparison of essential network
Discover OptiNet
Market analysis

Keep track of the most important KPIs with MISelements

Selected data in flexible layouts

  • Flexible modular system
  • Individually programmed for you
  • Thematic dashboards
Discover MISelements
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