Market analysis with MIS

Market analysis has never been so detailed

Everything started with MIS: To this day, our first product is one of the best-known market analysis systems for the automotive industry worldwide. The extensive reporting system allows you to perform in-depth market analyses from the smallest statistical unit to major global trends.

Whether as a map, a dashboard, a table or a chart – view key KPIs such as after-sales turnover or sales figures across brands, models and segments at any geographical level. With MIS, you have all your markets down to the smallest detail in a single, efficient application.

One market, many perspectives
There are many ways to visualise data. MIS was developed for exactly this purpose: From the very first click, you access your analyses directly with reports sorted by topic. All data can be viewed in different forms of presentation that let you see your market in a new light.
Interactive maps
Compact dashboards
Well-structured tables
Insightful charts

Interactive maps – turning data into a visual experience

One of our highlights is the powerful map module. Thanks to the clear visualisation, you can see countries, regions and dealer areas just as quickly as even the smallest municipalities or post code sectors. Navigating is quick and intuitive: You can show and hide area levels independently from each other and add other content such as locations with just a few clicks.

  • Easily change areas and location levels
  • Colour the map by topic (e.g. according to market share)
  • Analyse drive-times
  • Show activities such as sales graphically on the map
  • Create, manage and edit your own areas

Compact Dashboards – the perfect starting point

A picture is worth a thousand words: Our dashboards display key activities in easy-to understand graphs as soon as you log on to the system. The coloured layouts are complemented perfectly by automatically generated texts from our Market Journal that you can read conveniently like a newspaper article.

  • Open different thematic dashboards
  • Stacked bar charts
  • Pin individual dashboard elements to the home page
  • Use Quicklinks to analyse a topic in more depth
  • Change the analysis topic easily using selection lists

Well-structured tables – see and understand details

The table is the classic form of data analysis and is still a popular means of presenting extensive information. Reason enough for us to continue to expand the MIS tables. As a result, you now have a wide range of processing options and table types at your disposal. Simply determine the level of detail and complexity of your tables yourself!

  • All values in MIS can be shown as a table
  • Use different table types according to the analysis topic
  • Apply extensive filter options
  • Make tables easier to navigate using sorting, colours and grouping

Insightful charts – simplify complex information

Since visualising your data well is especially important to us, charts are a must. They show figures in their most understandable form. Whether you just want to get an overview, look at values in relation to each other or compare data points – we have the right chart for each topic!

  • Bar charts
  • Stacked bar charts
  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • Activity charts
  • Portfolio charts

Other features

We have even more in store for you

  • Use our ready-made reports or create your own with just a few clicks

  • Easily browse through your more important reports in everyday operations

  • Experience top performance with layouts that load in a very short time

  • Easily switch between different forms of display

  • Your version will receive automatic updates regularly, as soon as new market data is available

  • Export content as a PDF, PowerPoint presentation or Excel table

  • Flexible filters for whole markets or individual layouts according to the desired attributes

  • Use Quicklinks to expand on the data shown or change it easily

  • Seamlessly access the last used view the next time you log on

  • Work within a multilingual user interface

Your benefits with MIS

Stay on top of the market

Ready to use from the get-go

So you don’t have to start from scratch
Each MIS version is individually configured for you and filled with data so that you can immediately start with your analyses. In addition, we provide you with selected, thematic reports that make the initial steps easier for you.
Easy license model
For a carefree package
Our licence model offers great transparency. The complete package includes the system with data, the version setup, regular updates and support. There is no limit on user numbers for headquarters and field service. We can also provide MIS to your dealerships.
Flexible rights concept
For individual data access
MIS offers you flexible access rights with individually tailored user roles. To make sure you are working with comparable numbers, all participants access the same data basis, but only see what they need to. For easy access, we can set up an SSO connection via your company portal.
Free support
So that no question is left unanswered
With any new system, questions arise. Therefore it goes without saying for us to offer our technical support for MIS free of charge. Our support hotline is accompanied by dedicated contacts who are available to answer any questions you might have about your system version.

Have you heard of mobileMIS?

The app provides you with a concentrated extract of your current market situation from MIS in a handy format. Compact layouts ensure clarity and the essential KPIs can be pinned directly on the home page. Market analysis on the go – it’s as easy as that!
*mobileMIS is available for iOS and Android. Activation depends on your MIS contract. Please contact your account manager at Management Services or the MIS contact person in your company.

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