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Business decisions for network development are a daily challenge. Service and sales structures are always put to the test by current market developments and need to be adapted. But how do you anticipate the impact a decision will have?

That is why we developed our geographic network development system, OptiNet: Maintain and plan your sales and service network in detailed maps. Location or area changes can be easily simulated with just a few clicks. With potential and drive-time analyses, you can respond to changing markets in the most effective way. Your network will be ready for anything!


Geography in focus

Qualitative dealer and market figures are an important basis for your decisions. However, KPIs alone without the regional situation on site, are of limited value. OptiNet visualises these geographic factors on an interactive map and correlates them with your data.
  • Perfect interplay between network structure and market data

    In addition to the available automotive network structures, we also integrate topographical features, crowd puller, car dealership miles and commercial areas. Current market data are calculated and visualised for the different area levels.

  • Powerful map module to display levels

    The map shows both administrative area levels and the location levels of your sales structure in detail. You are able to combine the location levels flexibly with each other and sort them. The areas included are coloured by topic using the activities.

  • Easy to use – fast results

    You can edit all locations and areas quickly with a single click and move them using drag-and-drop. This means that you can see the effects of your changes directly on the map in real time – an ideal working basis and perfect presentation of results.

Plan, maintain and optimise

  • Determine the network coverage using detailed potential and drive-time analyses

  • Simulate local what-if scenarios

  • Easily compare networks with each other, for example your actual network with a planned network

  • Analyse open points in order to find untapped potential

  • Have areas automatically created according to drive-time or potential

  • Plan catchment areas

  • Consider important indicators such as coverage and overlapping

  • Use the KPI report to easily survey or compare selected figures

  • Analyse dealer sales using dynamic layouts

  • Import and export data, areas or scenarios


OptiNet in everyday use

Are my retail locations utilising the potential of their areas of influence?

You can see the sales in a location at a glance with the help of arrows, dots and circles on the map.

How are the units distributed?

The map colouring shows the distribution of the parc down to the most detailed area subdivision.

Where is the active market potential?

Focus your attention primarily on the strong regions.

Am I reaching my customers?

A drive-time analysis shows you the market coverage of the regional potential.

How does my network compare with that of my competitors?

The KPI report gives you an overview of essential figures in comparison.

Your benefits with OptiNet

Network development made easy

System fully set up
So that you can get started straight away

With us, you don’t get an empty system. Contents such as area data, market data and your own dealer network are prepared by us after consultation and then integrated into your system version. And because OptiNet is a web-based solution, you can jump right in with a ready-to-use scenario that requires no installation.

Reliable data
For sound decisions

Our strength lies in preparing large, complex amounts of data. No matter whether market data from our MIS, data from your company or additionally purchased data: We process all the information you need for your network development carefully and with the necessary specialist knowledge.
This way, you can rely on the results!

Insightful maps

To help you see the impact right away

OptiNet supports you primarily in regional work with a fast cartography module. Every change to the data in your scenario is also immediately visible geographically. Thanks to this visualisation you can recognise the impact easier and derive direct action.

Practical functions

To focus on the essentials

We want to make your daily operations easier. OptiNet has some practical
functions to help: Thanks to automatic actions such as calculating and assigning
areas or moving areas using drag-and-drop, network development becomes
simple and intuitive.

Clearly defined user roles

For secure cooperation

Network development often involves team work. To ensure that you can work on the same scenario securely with your colleagues, we offer different user roles in OptiNet. And if you want to share your work with others, the read-only access provides an interactive, protected view of the scenario.

Technical support

So you are prepared for every task

Sometimes questions are easier to answer in a personal conversation. For this reason, there is always a dedicated contact person available to you after our training sessions to answer any remaining OptiNet-related questions. In addition, our experienced consulting team is happy to support you with your network strategy, either on a one-off basis or continually.

MIS completes the picture

An assessment of your sales and service locations only becomes realistic if you are working with current market data. With MIS and OptiNet we have created two systems that perfectly complement each other: Import current MIS data into OptiNet as a reliable basis for planning or transfer your planning networks to MIS for monthly reporting.

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